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Cops RIP OUT Window And Put Driver In Chokehold!

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Cops RIP OUT Window And Put Driver In Chokehold!

In this video, I discuss a disturbing incident that occurred in Taylor, Michigan where a group of police officers used excessive force against a young Black man and his family during a routine traffic stop. The incident began when Officer Vines pulled over 26-year-old Calvin Jones and asked for his license and registration. However, when Calvin questioned why he was being pulled over, the officer refused to give a reason for the stop and became increasingly aggressive.

The situation quickly escalated when backup officers arrived, and Calvin was pulled from his vehicle, thrown to the ground, and placed in a chokehold until he lost consciousness. The officers then arrested Calvin's wife and brother without probable cause and searched their vehicle without a warrant.

Although all charges were later dropped when the American Civil Liberties Union got involved, this case highlights the urgent need for police reform and accountability, particularly because it appears to be part of a pattern of behavior within the Taylor police department.

In this video, I analyze the situation and discuss why the officer had the right to stop the car, what could have been done differently, and whether the occupants' civil rights were violated by the police. I also shed light on the police department's history of racial discrimination and excessive use of force against Black civilians, which is so severe that the ACLU has called for an investigation by the Department of Justice.


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