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19-Year-Old HUMILIATES Cop On Power Trip

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19-Year-Old HUMILIATES Cop On Power Trip

In this video, I analyze the body-worn camera footage of a traffic stop involving Tayvin Galanakis, a 19-year-old college athlete, and Officer Nathan Winters of the Newton Police Department. The incident began when Officer Winters pulled Tayvin over for driving with his brights on. What followed was a shocking series of events. Despite Tayvin telling Officer Winters that he had nothing to drink and showing no signs of intoxication, he was still forced to perform a series of field sobriety tests. Tayvin's performance on these tests was flawless, exhibiting the coordination and alertness of someone who was completely sober. But Officer Winters still accused him of being under the influence.

Officer Winters insisted on giving Tayvin more tests before finally agreeing to administer the portable breath test, which body camera footage shows recorded a 0.0 for blood alcohol level. When Officer Winters saw these results, he stopped accusing Tayvin of drinking and instead accused him of smoking weed. He then placed Tayvin, a student athlete with no police record, under arrest and took him into the station for further testing.

Tayvin has since filed a lawsuit against Officer Winters and the Newton Police Department. In response, the city of Newton has countersued him for defamation after Tayvin published the body-worn camera footage online containing incorrect information typed over the footage.

Did Officer Winters have it out for him from the start? Does Tayvin have a strong false arrest case? And is the city of Newton justified in using taxpayer dollars to countersue Tayvin for defamation following the release of this video? I answer all of these questions in this video!


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