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Violent Cop Gets Fired, Convicted, and REHIRED?!

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Violent Cop Gets Fired, Convicted, and REHIRED?!

In this video we look at Officer Michael Amiott from the Euclid Police Department, who was caught on camera brutally assaulting Richard Hubbard III during a routine traffic stop. The shocking footage of Amiott's aggressive handling of an unarmed man went viral, ultimately resulting in Amiott being fired from the police force and convicted of assault. But within a year of being handed the verdict, Amiott was REINSTATED and continues to be on the Euclid payroll to this day!

We watch the escalation of events during that fateful traffic stop, beginning with a seemingly innocent call about a silver Hyundai and culminating in a display of egregious police brutality. Our journey also covers the aftermath of the incident, including the suspension, termination, and eventual rehiring of Amiott after arbitration by the police union. We also discuss additional accusations of Amiott's past misconduct, including his forced resignation from a neighboring police department and out-of-court settlements he cost taxpayers.

Despite a guilty verdict, Amiott's sentence seems to be a slap on the wrist, highlighting just how badly our justice system needs to be reformed!


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