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Cops Tase Dad In The FACE For Refusing To Leave His Son!

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Cops Tase Dad In The FACE For Refusing To Leave His Son!

On November 29th, 2022, a shocking display of police violence unfolded in Trinidad, Colorado involving Kenneth Espinosa, his son Nathan, and Officers Mikhail Noah and Henry Trujillo. This incident spiraled out of control, resulting in the officers tasing Kenneth in the face while he was already handcuffed and detained. In this video we walk through the disturbing series of events, the legal implications of the situation, and the broader issues of police misconduct and civil litigation that arise from cops behaving this way.

The story starts when Officer Noel pulls Nathan Espinoza over for driving too close to him, and Kenneth pulls in behind them to wait for his son. Officer Trujillo then pulls in behind Kenneth, walks up to his truck, and instructs him to leave. When Kenneth refuses, we then see an alarming escalation of violence, false arrest, and the subsequent events that led to Kenneth's civil litigation against the officers and the Los Animas County Sheriff's Department.

In the video we take a close look at the excessive use of force by the officers, from handcuffing Kenneth to shooting him in the face with a taser. We discuss how this is a direct violation of Colorado law, laying bare the legal grounds for Kenneth's claims in his civil rights lawsuit. We also expose the attempts to cover up their misconduct, including the officers giving exaggerated versions of events and disabling body cameras.

We then analyze the charges that Kenneth faced, proving that they were the result of a relentless Officer Trujillo and not Kenneth's actions. We also peer into the officers' history, which paint a picture of a police department that seems to harbor and even encourage police misconduct.

In addition to examining Kenneth's case, we look into the officers' history, and discover a police department that seems to harbor and even encourage police misconduct. The incident and the players involved are a sobering reminder of the importance of understanding your rights and holding police officers accountable when they abuse their power!

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