Today, A Grown Man Cried To Me...

Today, a grown man cried to me.  He shed joyful tears; thankful that after 22 years he no longer has to live in the shadows for a mistake he made a lifetime ago.  Back then, facing serious felony charges, he made the fateful decision not to return to court.  Thereafter, a warrant was issued for his arrest and he became a wanted man.

He had to live off the grid so he taught himself to work with his hands becoming a skilled craftsman.  While living in the shadows, he still managed to find a girl and they fell in love.  They raised two kids together.  Despite building a life for himself, he had the feeling of always being followed and was constantly in fear of being taken from his family.

When his boys were readying to enroll in college he knew he had to do something so he began contacting lawyers.  Two other lawyers told him it wasn’t worth the risk—that he was better off to remain in hiding.  

Then he contacted my firm.  Knowing how prosecutions work and the politics involved we took a different approach.  We worked with the DA’s office and the court and got his warrant vacated, his case dismissed, and the matter sealed.  In short, we handled it.

If you are looking for an experienced attorney to stand with you, who knows how to fight, call SUE CITY- we’re here for you.

*The information above is general information meant for educational purposes, and does not create an attorney-client relationship with any person who views it.   If you think you need personalized legal assistance, always speak with a qualified attorney. Remember: Results vary. Prior Results do not guarantee future outcomes.

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