Sometimes You’ve Just Got To Fight

A recent fight I had was with a DA's office that was trying to railroad my client, an 18 year old female with no criminal record.  

While the People set about bringing attempted murder charges against my client, my office began to mount a defense.  We uncovered clear video which showed the “victim” starting the fight using bleach and then a hammer.  It also revealed my client never touched a weapon and never even so much as threw a punch during the melee.

Despite sharing my firm’s findings with the Government, they said they were presenting the charges to the Grand Jury.  If the Grand Jury decided to indict her, my client would likely remain in jail for a year(s) being worn down into accepting a plea for a crime she didn’t commit.

With the stakes so high, we had to fight.  My team and I went to the crime scene, located witnesses, procured videos, and began preparing the client for the most important day of her life- the day she would be testifying before the Grand Jury.  When the day finally came and the Grand Jury heard and saw the full story of what happened, and not just what the DA selected to show them, it threw out each and every one of the trumped up charges.  

When your life is on the line, you deserve to have the best attorney fighting for you.  I am that attorney; schooled at the DAs office with trial skills honed over a decade of fighting it out in the courtroom.  If you or a loved one needs top-notch legal representation call me.  My firm is here for you 24/7.

*The information above is general information meant for educational purposes, and does not create an attorney-client relationship with any person who views it.   If you think you need personalized legal assistance, always speak with a qualified attorney. Remember: Results vary. Prior Results do not guarantee future outcomes.

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